Kokoro: Mind Body Sync

I have recently studied an interesting concept of “Kokoro”.  

Kokoro, is a Sino-Japanese word that broadly means the heart or mind.  It is a unification of the heart and the mind on a mystic level. Diving deeper, kokoro essentially can be explained as the essence of your being!

When your body and mind are in sync it means you have an elevated or strong kokoro .On the other hand, a weak kokoro leads to a restless mind. Your kokoro therefore determines your actions and behaviour.

As a Personal Resilience Coach that encompasses health, relationships, financial, and lifestyle, I have coached people struggling to achieve their goals. The reason behind this is primarily their mind having thoughts that are responsible for keeping them in low state. Their intentions and actions therefore run parallel and seldom align making them go astray from reaching their destination and end goal. The alignment of these and to bring these in sync is the only way to achieve your goals and lead a fulfilled, happy, and successful life.

For this time-tested method to help the alignment all one needs to have is resolve and consistency. Along with this, elevating your Kokoro needs an element of self -compassion as well. Consistency in following your mind and body exercises and compassion towards yourself is a lifestyle change. Being thoughtful and alert in every little action one does ultimately leads to making great decisions and living the life you aspire.

I leave you with this note ~sync your thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions to raise your Kokoro and become the best version of yourself. ~

“The body becomes what the foods are as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are” – Ancient Kemetic proverb

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