Healing Your Kokoro

The mysterious ties of thoughts, feelings, and desires lead to ultimate Human Experience & Success!

Abha Nanda | KOKORO Life Coach
Freedom ~ Happiness ~ Abundance

Theoretically, Kokoro is a Japanese word that explains the unification of the notions of heart, mind, and body: as ONE. Even though “and” implies division, but that does not exist as“body and mind are part of the same system”, they intrinsically are linked as one: They are one!


You have plans to soar high IN LIFE and can’t wait to live the life of your dreams. But is all that you have planned not falling into place? And consequently, and what inevitably may follow is a barrage of overwhelming emotions such as stress, frustration, and disappointment. Without you realizing, it is all stemming from the subconscious, hindering your progress.
Sounds familiar? If it does, the good news is you’re not alone!!!! A new world of possibilities is opening for you.



The way to ultimate freedom is through your heart, feelings, and mind. The quest starts with “who am I”?

Raising your KOKORO is to find the courage to being honest with yourself, challenging your beliefs and removing negative coding stacked up in your subconscious hindering your progress.

It is about defining your purpose and overcoming challenges in the way of reaching your life goals.

This journey of raising your Kokoro helps you to unleash your potential, boost your confidence, and amplify your strengths.

It shows you the power of possibilities to create a SUCCESS blueprint of your dream life.

What is that you desire, ARE YOU READY ?

The way to freeing yourself and becoming more resilient is awesome. And the way to ultimate freedom is to overcome challenges, knowing your purpose and meet!
And “what is it that I truly aspire”

~~To deep dive and gain new perspectives.
~~To embrace the freedom
~~To be your authentic self.

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Abha Nanda

Hi, I am Abha welcoming you all to empower yourselves and give flight to your dreams. With a vast and varied experience and as the CEO of a multimillion-dollar IT company and a dedicated coaching entrepreneur, I have always followed the system to become successful in achieving all my life goals. And I’d love to share with you the very same system that will have a step by step process to help you overcome your personal challenges and HELP you unravel the empowered side of you that you may have not yet been able to unleash.

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