Building your Resilience

Life Coaching in Resilience Building is geared towards the outcome to successfully adapt to difficult or challenging life experiences and meeting life goals. It is achieved by finding mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility, strength, and regulation of external and internal challenges.

5 Pillars to Build your Resilience on:​

Emotional Intelligence





Abha Nanda | Resilience Life Coach​


You have plans to soar high IN LIFE and can’t wait to live the life of your dreams. But is all that you have planned not falling into place?  
And consequently, and what inevitably may follow, is a barrage of overwhelming emotions
such as stress, frustration, and
And unfortunately, this has been hindering your progress.

Sounds familiar?

If it does, the good news is you’re not alone!!!! A new world of possibilities is opening for you. 

HERE’s HOW…….  

Build your Personal Resilience…. 
Personal resilience is about thriving in life instead of coping.  Get ready to adapt and deal  effectively with life challenges. Empower yourself to live the resilient life with clarity of goal, a great roadmap, great driving skills, and robustness to achieve your goal.  Acquire this multi-skill set and build resilience, one day and one step at a time,
and experience exponential growth. 
The Journey… 
The quest starts with self-discovery and the pertinent question
 “Who am I”? 
Finding the way to ultimately reaching your goal is knowing your situation with clarity and
change your behavior accordingly 
Knowing your purpose and asking “what is it that I truly aspire” 
Then To deep dive and gain new perspectives.
~~To embrace  the change, get empowered and move forward
This journey of building your resilience helps you, alas to unleash your potential, boost your
confidence, and amplify your strengths. It shows you the power of possibilities to create a  SUCCESS blueprint of your dream life. 


The story of

Abha Nanda

Hi, I am Abha welcoming you all to empower yourselves and give flight to your dreams. With a vast and varied experience and as the CEO of a multimillion-dollar IT company and a dedicated coaching entrepreneur, I have always followed the system to become successful in achieving all my life goals. And I’d love to share with you the very same system that will have a step-by-step process to help you overcome your personal challenges and help you unravel the empowered side of you that you may have not yet been able to unleash.

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